Short but Sweet

It was several months ago that I decided to retire this blog, figuring that it was time for Kiddo to have the choice to decide how much of his life he wanted 'out there'. In my leaving broader social media due to concerns about how the platform was being exploited by people committing violence, unchecked by neither the police or social media, I realized that it was time for me to return to this format. People can check in as they like and I'm motivated to write more. Kiddo and I came up with the idea of the Cat Garden and continuing on this blog platform. Kiddo is also given editorial rights to prior posts to change as necessary, as his childhood is his to narrate. Our Sally loves being outside most of the time, beautiful and splendidly happy in the sunshine. Milton lurks and prowls and is skittish. The humans love the cats and love each other, and we have thoughts.

More to come... welcome back, friends.
Hazel and Kiddo

A cat photo in the header coming soon. Gotta have the cats!


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