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Book Club Pandemic-style

 The book: The Secret Diary of Hendrik Something or other, I don't remember the whole title.  I read it two months ago, or maybe it was two years ago, because I remember the story, but some of the details are fuzzy. This is for our Book Group of Two, friends who love talking books.  "What about you? What did you like?"  "What's-Her-Name, that nurse who was so kind to the old gal, the one who gave her that special ring, which the snotty daughter then took while gathering her things from the home. "Wait, maybe I'm confusing this with a scene in Derek, that Ricky Gervais series." "Oh, I haven't seen it. Is it funny?" Mental sorting/classifying processes working, gears grinding, ding: "Yes, in a good sort of humble way. Humor in the darkness, some of it."  "Okay, back to the book. I thought the idea of it being a secret diary was funny, considering his commentary on the other folks at the old-age home was often kind, insigh

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