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Some Truths about Online Schooling

School from home: it's what we do. When we pulled Kiddo out of school in third grade, my goal was to homeschool for a while. I loved the curriculum planning, the freedom to study what we wanted, to live our days without a strict schedule. I loved learning alongside Kiddo as I crafted our day's activities and lessons. That said, running the show by myself took a lot of planning.  The responsibility of creating not only an education, but a home, organizing meals AND 'momming', as I jokingly call the myriad tasks of parental love and care-- it was a lot. So when his current online school came into being a couple years ago, we were pretty happy with our arrangement...but I was also tired.

 It didn't hurt that this new online school had exactly the philosophy I used at home, inquiry-based,project-based education; I was ready to step back and let a teacher lead. Surely this would be less work for me, right?
One would hope, but it wasn't so. Being a learning coach for…

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