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Cancel 2020

Some days, you take heart in small problems. This morning I came downstairs to find Joe scurrying around, getting ready for work. As I headed to the bathroom, he stopped me. "The chain on the toilet flusher is broken" he said before heading off to the junk drawer to see if he could find something to rig it with. I lifted the top off the back of the toilet and found that the chain had rusted right through: one part of it still connected to the tank lever and the other down in the cool, clean water. I reached in, pulled the chain up which pulled up the flap-- voila! No worries.

"I can't find another chain. Can you use a paperclip or something to put it together?" He must have thought the link connecting the chain to the lever had broken. No such luck. I told him that the entire chain needed replacing. He'll stop on his way home, and frankly, I'm grateful for this. A small problem with an easy fix, what I often call "small potatoes". Right about n…

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