Dirt Pants

Four years ago or so, I bought a pair of pants from my favorite go-to style shop: Goodwill. They were stretchy jeans, cute and forgiving and the only thing which could be improved on them is if they had another four years of life in them. These jeans had a forgiving waistband--yes, a band, not a zip and button sort of affair like my Levis-- perfect for bloated PMS days or those times when forgiving clothing is essential to comfort. (all the time, really). We started off our relationship in a more formal way, first they were my 'going out' pants, then daily wear, followed by a nice long stretch of 'only around the house, probably' and now....

Now, they are my Dirt Pants. Small holes worn on the inside of the thighs make them impossible to be anything else but pants to wear in the garden and get dirty in. Kneeling, sitting in the dirt-- soil stains don't matter any more because they are in the last season of their life. I like to think that when I'm in my last years, I'm going to live well and play hard, so why not give these pants one last, glorious hurrah of wear? A little stained and dirty? Don't care. Worn and showing it? Hey, they earned those creases and fading. These Dirt Pants are awesome. They stay on, don't gap in the back or push too hard on my belly when I bend over to work-- but they are not going to last much longer, I'm sure. When the holes rip enough to make weeding a spectacle, I'm going to have to give them up. . That will be a sad day, for sure. 

 So I was delighted to discover that there's a new company out there which might provide a fashionable remedy for my Dirt Pants...Dovetail Workwear. Started a while ago by two landscapers, Kate Day and Kyle Begley, were tired of resorting to men's sized-down work clothes made of uncomfortable fabrics and fitted for the more male form. Day and Begley  teamed up with Sara DeLuca, an expert in the apparel industry. After a first go-round introducing these styles was a success, their original label Moxie and Moss was overwhelmed with demand. Enter Portland Product Werks, which acquired the brand and relaunched it as Dovetail Workwear, with a focus on providing both garments and support for women in the trades industries. I've gotta say, these pants are so cool, I'd wear them without being in the garden... Just look.

Day Construct Pants
Dovetail Workwear
Maven Slim
Dovetail Workwear

These pants come with 10 pockets, sleeves for kneepads, double front thigh panels, tool loops and basically all that you need whether you are gardening, working in a wood or machine shop, welding, or really anything which might require a stronger pair of pants. More flattering on the female figure than Carhartts, (and I used to steal Joe's Carhartt shorts all the time) and made with durable stretch fabrics, Dovetail Workwear pants are on my wish list. Especially the Day Construct pants, with a more relaxed fit, gusseted crotch, and lower rise front-- what's not to love? You can check out Dovetail Workwear online or at select local retailers. (note: whether or not you're in Portland, there's a store locator on their website)


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