The Illustrated Spelling List

Sometimes, I wish I was tech-savvy enough to scan things and post them.
Like today. Kiddo has to write each of his spelling list words and draw a corresponding picture. The illustrations are pretty cute and rather amusing.

1. Like. The picture is a smile; erased and faintly visible behind it is a figure with an ax in his hand. (What? "I like homicide"? What is this madness?*)
2. Ride. Tracks with a barely visible vehicle traveling on them. 
3. Time. An alarm clock with Salvador Dali numbering. I think the clock has legs. Time doesn't fly, it runs.
4. Live. My favorite, a little guy in a striped shirt pointing up to the right. Ah, ha ha ha Staying Alive. Perfect.
5. Out. A door with a person standing beside it. Wearing a striped shirt. Maybe he got done dancing and left the club?
6. Who. ? Striped shirt is shrugging with his hands up in the air, gesticulating, with question marks surrounding him. Who? Is he Italian? I'm part Italian. Does this explain the striped shirt? Is he a gondolier? The spelling list would be more fun with 'gondola', come to think of it...
7. People. In front of this, he has drawn the number 5 and it looks like there are five faces hovering above a very stripey fence. What's with the stripes?!
8. Hide. Okay, this is true kid logic... "Mom, he's hiding candy under the bed!" sure enough, the bed looks like his. Note to self: check under bed later on...
9. Work. A very stripey robot (ahhhh! stripes!) is being built by a phantom hand. I wish I had that phantom hand to make dinner for me...

There was no room for number 10 on the sheet. 10 is 'smile'. I'm smiling because, even though I might need to check under the bed for candy, I've got a pretty creative kid. Going to make sure the ax is stowed now...

*he tells me later that "I was making Halloween pictures but then the teacher said I should draw the word on the list..." Teachers. Always with an agenda for learning....!


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