Sympathy Soup

Kiddo is busy; "just five or six more minutes of Lego time and then I have soup for you."


"I know, you don't like being sick." In our house, sick means soup. Lots of chicken soup. Chicken soup coming out your ears, maybe. Kiddo, however, doesn't like soup. I'm not sure any kid of mine could not like soup, but apparently this isn't an inherited trait, soup-liking.

In any case, because he's going to have to suffer through a bowl of soup, I tried to get the kind he liked best least disliked and I'm making some sympathy soup for myself. Of course, I will enjoy my bowl of soup in ways he will not, however this is better than heartlessly eating something really delicious, like a grilled cheese sandwich, in front of him. Which I really am craving, but will not indulge in.

A pan of boiling water, a veggie golden-broth bouillon cube, some chopped carrot and celery and a handful of egg noodles. Easy peasy and Kiddo has company in his liquidy lunch. I'll use some special plates, give him a stack of soda crackers and let him go at it. Applesauce will be the treat for finishing.... applesauce with lots of cinnamon.

Kiddo is home, the jazz station is playing Oscar Peterson, the windows are open and the sun is shining. What could be better? Sorry Kiddo's sick, but I'm going to enjoy this moment anyway.


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