Breaking Bad Habits with Family Support

Sometimes, I get a goody in my email. I have Hakea's blog listed over to the right; you should really have a look today. 

We all wonder what to do when our children's bad/annoying/idiosyncratic habits drive us batty or get a negative response from others. I know I have banished my child from the room on more than one occasion for making noises... really, what kiddo doesn't do some strange noise/sniff/throat clearing from time to time? We've dealt with all three recently... which only makes him the most normal, typical kid ever.

So, today Hakea offers a great method of changing those habits with family support. Did you click the link yet? I'm not even going to try to paraphrase, she's done such a great job of explaining the family-supported technique, step by step. Bookmark this in your brain if your child is currently not doing something that's driving you and others bonkers... and if they are, have a look today. 

I know I'll be showing this to Joe and then employing this new way of helping Kiddo-- just as soon has he gets past this cold he's got! Timing is everything.


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