An Obligatory Post

When a friend mentioned to me that I hadn't had a post for too long, I told her I'd pop one together and name it just this: An Obligatory Post.

Hello, friends.  Now you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Happy Thanksgiving, while we're at it!

The short synopsis of part of November is this: I have had my mind on some stuff that really doesn't belong here. You know, the day to day stuff that comes with having a family of ones own and being a human being instead of one of those life-size Hollywood cardboard cut-outs people stand up at store entrances. (Perhaps I could have one made for me? It would stand in my son's doorway with an recording  to help him clean his room. "Let's start with the Tinkertoys. Look all around now. Look on the floor. Okay, they're all in the bin. Great! Now, what about those marbles that are everywhere? You can be the marble hunter and capture them in their container...") 

Life has been at times too funny to share (because sometimes my" funny" is someone else's huge social faux pas), too raw (some extended family stuff), too pleasant (don't want to make anyone jealous or think I'm some Pollyanna-- unless, of course, Pollyanna had a skewed sense of humor and gets bummed out on rainy days), or just too tedious (and then,

So, here's a list of some interesting things I've done in the last 30 days or so:

Halloween. --Oh, I was going to write about it, but nah--- I am SO OVER HALLOWEEN. This year was the first one in which Kiddo asked about every single monster and ghoulie guy we saw. We now have a contrived "Frankenstein's Monster" (Yes, the green guy is not supposed to be called simply "Frankenstein"; that is the name of his deluded creator doctor. Read the book, folks.) It is a good thing we have a bunch of neon green cardstock, as Kiddo has been able to make Frankenstein Monster Heads for friends, too. They're too cute to be scary, and it keeps him busy.... but I'm sick to death of this phase already. NEXT~

Lots of days off school.-- Ah, November is a cruel month. Not so much the weather, although we've had some seriously sucky weather, but the school closures  November is riddled with are enough to throw any kid off track. I understand the why behind them, but I'm thinking that someone would make a mint offering childcare services/camps just in this month alone. I feel bad for families where both parents work--it's gotta be a horrible challenge to schedule the time off or find care. 

Seeing the salmon spawn at Eagle Creek.-- I think this has to be my big November highlight yet. Kiddo and I were invited by an old preschool buddy and his mom to go out to the Eagle Creek area and see the salmon returning to their home streams and creeks to lay their eggs, fertilize them, molt and die. We couldn't see much of the first two activities; the molting was easy to spot, as the powerful purple or red hued salmon had large white spots. We also saw a couple of dead salmon, which the kids thought was the best part of all. I was interested in the water birds that hung around, little and brown, diving for salmon roe. How fascinating that this activity of spawning supports their native ecosystems. And as for the salmon themselves, lets just say I feel like a rather unambitious wimp compared to these amazing and intuitive fish. I can't even imagine climbing a fish ladder, much less swimming against strong current of the grand Columbia River for those hundreds of miles. Okay, time to go back to bed just thinking about it!

The Talk-- Yep. That one. It came up naturally, I followed my rule about answering only what was asked, and you know what? That is a whole other post, so look for it sometimes soon. My husband owes me, big time.

One Week Solo Staycation: Who the heck cares that I didn't go anywhere? I got to be blissfully alone for a week, while Joe and Kiddo are in Florida visiting the grandparents. They arrive home late tonight, and I must say, this has been a good thing. I got the kitchen Marmoleum floor re-coated, so it looks shiny and new. I had our great cat, Gus, and a PG Wodehouse book for company, visited with some friends every other day or so, took some good walks. Yesterday I watched a documentary on the musicians who influenced Frank Zappa and began a BBC Masterpiece production of "Far From the Madding Crowd", with that dreamy Nathaniel Parker. I've seen it before, but still, comfort food, right? It's been a pleasant blend of getting things done, seeing friendly faces and putting my feet up. 

Now, time to hop off the keyboard and go get myself together: I've been invited to help make Thanksgiving happen with a dear family I met nearly seventeen years ago, when their eldest was 17 months old. Our families have become friends, we've held each others babies when they were born, and their big girl is back from college for the holiday. It will be good to see them all, to be with people who have known me for so long, to be in their kitchen with them  yet again. There are a lot of happy memories for me in that kitchen. 

Some things in life seem uncertain, but for today, life is pretty darn good. I have plenty to be thankful for, including those of you who take time to peek in here. You know who you are. Just because I seem like a  misanthrope at times doesn't mean I don't wish you the best. 

I raise my cup of Scottish Breakfast tea to you. Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving.



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