Comment Away, Friends and Readers!

If you've ever wondered at my proclivity for all things antique (especially appliances), my explanation is simple: I'm an idiot in this modern world. Chances are, I'll be the old lady who can't set the clock on her microwave and decides to cook on the griddle of the woodstove  instead. And yes, the woodstove has a griddle...

People have complained at me for quite a while about their inability to post comments. It turns out that when fabulous Google did an overhaul of Blogger, my settings were lost... and stupid me, I didn't bother to recheck them. This is one reason why I'm not on Facebook, by the way; I don't have the brain space or smarts to keep rechecking settings. I figure my settings are set, right? 

In any case, now if you have a bone to pick or want to tell me how brilliant and insightful I am, go for it. I'll only edit them if they're a little too blue.  And thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts. I appreciate any feedback!


Lissa said…
I'm testing your settings... which is altogether different than testing you, so hopefully I get to keep my penny! =-)

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