"At Least..."

I'm trying to keep my sense of humor, but boy, has this been a *bleep* of a day.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, and an hour after I had fallen asleep, Kiddo woke us up, crying and calling to us from the bottom of the stairs. Another nightmare. I knew five was the age for this, but did someone send out a gold-plated invitation or what? Nightmares have been showing up at our house at least once or twice a week lately. Because I am the one who doesn't have to report in at an office every morning, I'm the default parent on duty. So, down to Kiddo's bedroom I go, and fortunately, he goes back to sleep pretty quickly.

I, on the other hand, do not. Nor do I stay asleep, as Kiddo does bed gymnastics on my head. Or maybe it's some sort of pro wrestling, sleep style. The Back Crusher! this move involves grinding one's head into Mama's back, hard. The  Tete-a-Tete Threat! This is where one little cranium drills into the bigger cranium. Aim that up right and hey! instant trepanning party and we'll forget the whole thing! The Kick in the Ass... well, I'll bet you can figure it out. At six in the morning, I trudge upstairs, 15 minutes before Joe's alarm clock is meant to go off. "You're on duty" I grunt-grumble and fall into our bed for one thick, uninterrupted hour of sleep. 

When I wake, what follows is a foggy march through the morning to Get To Preschool. We do that and I walk to the store, feeling buzzed on air and nothing, just so tired. I get the groceries and walk home, playing one of my mind games I'll call "At Least.."

He woke up with a nightmare--but at least it wasn't night terrors.

It was a tough night--but at least he was able to go to school today.

The weather's been a pain--but at least it's not raining, yet.

It was a rough morning--but at least I made it out of the house with a shower and breakfast.

Oh, rats! now it is raining again-- but at least I packed my little purple umbrella.

And then, a lunchtime spectacular, when the sandwich I was toasting in the oven did a face-plant and landed on the heating coil on the bottom and began to burn and smoke-- at least I kept my head, pulled out the  hot racks (while muttering shit!shit!shit!shit!shit!), threw them on the sink and got the bread out before it got worse!

I'm on the fence about having a cup of coffee before going back to preschool to fetch up my little cutie pie, who bears no fault for any of these things.  At least there are two coffee shops in the neighborhood....


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