Rainy Days, Snowy Days, Busy Days

This winter, I think it's safe to say that our weather is having a bit of an identity crisis. Warm days in February and early March, then snow showers and the first day of spring? I wanted to celebrate, we wanted to go out and clip the just-blooming purple azaleas but it's too darn cold.

Today is a bit of a treat: after long days (and nights) at work, Joe's coming home early. Per a recent post of mine, we haven't taken Kiddo out to any restaurants lately, but Joe and I decided to try a snack trip to Belmont Station today. We've got three things going for us on this venture: an earlier time of day; very little likelihood of misbehaving kids at this venue; and Good Beer. Today is Dogfish Head Fun Day at Belmont Station and we just thought "well, why not?" It's not often we get to do something like this together, Joe and I, so we're both looking forward to it. (Added later: And yes, we had a great time.)

In the meantime, I've a pile of laundry to fold, vacuuming to be done and a few other household tasks. Our Pea House project outdoors is 'on hold' due to the weather. We planted the seeds about two weeks or so ago and only one brave sprout has emerged. With the schizophrenic weather, I've resigned myself to the idea that I might need to replant seeds. Anything hardy enough to have dealt with the repeated freezes and snows will surprise me at this point, although my crocuses and still-closed daffodils are hanging on, the daffs biding their time, I think, waiting for sun.

We're almost done with Kiddo's seat cushion for his wee wooden chair. Mama just has to learn a whip stitch to finish it off. It's padded, cute and will be another small thing I can pat myself on the back for. While I work, Kiddo cuts up all sorts of fabric, sometimes cutting around the pictures on it. Yesterday, he wanted me to staple together bits of poly batting so he could  make " a rope for Tug of War". Today, he has an old, worn out, hole-in-the-knee pair of pajama pants to cut up. Good pincer grip exercise, cutting up cloth. 

There's also a total Dinosaur Party House in our living room right now. Three stories tall, built with unit blocks (he traded out the Little People for the blocks, and "Yay!" to that, because I prefer playing with blocks, thanks) and sheet of cardboard. Kiddo's filled the house with smaller dinos, dimetrodon hanging out with ankylosaurus, many other larger dinos had to duck their heads to fit in. I want to put drink glasses and canapes in their claws...

Kiddo's also taken over the type tray I have on the nature table and has filled it with various treasures: pine cones, rocks, shiny tumbled stones, little dinos, plastic bugs, leaves, small animal toys... I love that he loves this. 

We're also contemplating the summer garden. After many mental gymnastics, I've decided to do our warmer, sun loving tomatoes in the backyard in big black plastic pots. Ugly, but they'll grow better and frankly, that's the space I have available. I must still choose the tomatoes, which is a delicious contemplation. No zucchini this year; after years of growing them, I've decided that perhaps growing the least expensive food to be found at the Farmer's Market is not going to save me so much money as growing greens will. I'm hoping to put in some rainbow or red chard, some kale, and some green beans and a true herb garden this year. I've never done great with peppers, but may try some pepper plants in containers next to the tomatoes just in the interest of fun. Sunflowers, nasturtiums and zinnias are on my list for this year too. 

I like the chance to experiment, learn--even if it's a failed attempt, like growing peas up the forsythia-- and try again. Having one's own patch of soil allows this. After years of living in apartments, I had no idea how much versatility and joy are to be had in soil, and how much it can change. Over the last ten years I've been here in this little house, though, things have changed a lot. I'm hoping to put blueberries along the fence when our grapevines are gone and the plum tree--now, so obviously dying--is eventually removed.

Anyone need some Fall Gold raspberries? We've got a small abundance of canes... let me know....


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