Blueberry Zucchini Insanity

First, let me qualify the title of this post by stating up front that neither the blueberries or zukes are insane. I'm happy to be the one 'owning' the crazy.

Now, you might be asking "Hazel, what's so crazy goin' on at your place?" And then I'd point over to the oven where, on this 80-some-odd degree hot day, I am baking four mini-loaves of blueberry zucchini bread.

What on earth would have possessed me? Namely a zuke from the garden whose setting was on 'stealth grow'. That is to say, I looked at the golden little summer squash on Saturday morning and it was beautifully sized, perfect for grilling. Turn around again and Wham! we were the size of a loaf pan, which means not so good for cooking, but perfect for baking. Plus, Kiddo had picked a bowl of blueberries that needed using up. Add to that a Google search for a recipe*, and voila, a plan had formed.

I like plans. Frankly, I'm a bit adrift on those loose, unscheduled days. Last night I made up a calendar of the week, including Saturday as Joe will be off reading at a poetry gathering. Plugged in some activities: early gardening in the mornings, before it gets too hot; finishing our 'triceratops hat' (yes, I can make manifest darn near any "Kiddo Idea"); another trip to the zoo to see the robot dinosaurs before they leave... all good stuff. Then two playdates popped up today for later in the week and suddenly-- yeay!--structure. The bread prompted a walk to the store for applesauce and vegetable oil, so that filled in an hour for us. Now I just need to find a friend that's free to go out some evening this week and escape the home front. If this happens to be you, reading this, give me a call.

I might bring you some bread. Of course, you might get stuck with the 'just plain zucchini' loaf, because I didn't have enough blueberries to make the recipe verbatim, and threw some batter into one pan before folding the blueberries in. In any case, I'm sure it'll be great.

Checking the loaves in this heat is also a little crazy-feeling, not to mention Kiddo's keyboard has some pre-programmed tunes that he loves, which are making me a little nutty.

Which reminds me that the next time I make this, I might try some slivered almonds in the recipe. Mmmm....

*If you do try this recipe, check out the reviews below and hit the expanded view. People made great adaptations on the original. I used the half oil/half applesauce idea, as well as using whole-wheat flour to substitute half the flour, so it's got a little more health and oomph to it. And then I reduced the sugar by a half cup and used half white, half brown. Now I have to try the almond idea...when it's not 80 degrees outside!


Amanda said…
Always fun to hear what you're up to on these hot summer days. I would so be in for a beer & a brain can't seem to chill.
Oh well.
Oh....and the keyboard, headphones? Just have to lock the volume so it doesn't damage little ears then he can listen all by himself!

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