Today, Kiddo and I went to a friend's birthday party at the Belmont Historic Firehouse. Small group. The firefighter doing the public ed piece was very sweet with the kids, friendly and authoritative. His jokes were probably aimed at elementary school kids, so the preschoolers didn't get it and the adults were a more hardened audience, but he made me chuckle a few times.

The sense of humor is back!

Kiddo went down the fireman's pole three times. Three! I couldn't believe it. He had a great time. When our guide challenged the adults not to let the kids get  the best of them, I decided I'd do it. Slid down a real fireman's pole--likely from a height of 5 feet, but it still felt like a ways down to my sense of vertigo. Just went for it-- I now have a little pole burn on my forearm.

Otherwise, what sweetness. Kiddo played for over a half hour this morning with his dinosaurs; his larger wooden tyrannosaurus laid eggs (hazelnuts) on a nest and then out came all the baby dinosaurs, his little 85 cent ones. He then had the a bowl of 'food' for them to eat: beads, small acorns and pieces of a plastic straw he'd cut up. Too cute.

Glad the day is wrapping up this way. I'm happy with my boy, and Mr. "Mama can I hold your hand?" is pretty happy too.


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