Summer Sell-Out

Summer. Ahhhh, summer. Time to sell out my brain for some mindless distraction.

Somehow, perhaps from those 13 years of school--oh too long ago-- my brain has been programmed to be slightly turned off once July rolls around. I'm trying not to think too hard about anything, hence the email I sent to my girlfriend the other night:

re: Colin Firth Alert

Bridget Jones' Diary is on at 8 on channel 32. Just thought you'd want to know.

Now, where did I stash my drool cup?...

If you want to know what that last squiggly thing is, I've now created an icon for drooling over Colin Firth. You may use it if you need something handy for any other hotties as well.

As you can see, my brain is not pondering anything too thinky, but just enjoying cute guys and other silly distractions. TV has been one of them, as well as a few tasty morsels. Come along and tour my Land O' Vices...

First off, The Legend of the Seeker gave our summer the right kind of start. Based on Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series of fantasy novels, Seeker is perfect entertainment for the D&D crowd, which is why I bought it for my husband. (If there were such a thing as a "card carrying" D&D enthusiast, he'd have a stack of those cards.) Why did I enjoy it so much? It just kicks all sorts of ass. If you liked Sam Raimi's "Zena" or "Hercules" franchises, you'll likely enjoy this. Laden in its own mythology with attractive lead characters and an undeniably sexy villain, along with decent storyline to take you along for the ride, Seeker is great for chillin' out on a summer evening. They wrapped the show up after two seasons, but we're hoping for a season three someday. Never say never. Richard Cypher, The Seeker himself, wouldn't.

Now, for something completely more drecky: "How can you watch that crap?" states my dear friend Kathee, but really, once Hell's Kitchen comes on, I just can't help myself. I'm not even adding a link for this show: either you know it and love it or you probably just don't care. Culinary enlightenment is a great excuse for watching Gordon Ramsey get all bitchy with the wannabes, who sometimes wholeheartedly deserve the criticism that comes their way.  I also admit to enjoying Master Chef (which Ramsey hosts and co-judges), even if another dear friend does accuse Joe Bastianich of being a total bastard (and at times, on the show, he does seem to be one, so I'm not arguing there)... he's often right in his opinions. And no, I'm not sorry for the contestants. They all owned televisions and knew what they were in for-- it's not the first season of either show. However, on MC I am rooting for Allejandra, whose spicy combinations are usually creative and interesting. Her recipes seem individual and interesting enough to garner her own cookbook, which is part of the prize. I'd never go on the show, because I'd get flayed. Gotta be smart enough to know one's own limitations, and this totally fits the bill for mindless entertainment.

Another summer love is Annie Chun's packs of Sesame Seaweed. I can eat a whole package of those seaweed squares (okay, they're rectangles, but it just doesn't sound as good) and the total caloric intake is probably 3 calories. They're incredibly addictive...if you are the kind of person who can get hooked on seaweed. I am.

Trader Joe's Savory Thin Mini Rice Crackers Multiseed with Soy Sauce: If you like those little oriental rice crackers they sell, but are tired the ubiquitous 'chili bits', these are a delight. Same awesome taste with seeds, which are a good source of ALA Omega-3s. I could eat these by the bowl-full, they're that good.

Tanqueray Gin and Tonic (tonic? preferably Schwepps). Seriously...Do I need to say more?

Graphic Novels: I'm loving the 'reading but not reading' vacation of the graphic novel. Thus far this summer, top hits have been "The Imposter's Daughter: A True Memoir" by Laurie Sandel and "Hey Princess" by Mats Jonsson. Both showcase lead characters trying to find what it all means in a fluctuating world', the former, of her father's making, the latter, of his own. Also to add to the list is "With the Light" by Keiko Tobe, a 15 volume manga series which follows the lives of a mother Sachiko, her autistic son Hikaru, and their family as Hikaru grows up in contemporary Japan. Tobe wrote the series, inspired by a classmate of her son's, to raise awareness and educate the public about autism. Up next on my shelf is Kevin Sacco's "The Plane Story"....  looking forward to this 'lighter' reading.

The other things I love about summer are all to be found outside: the daisies and alstromeria and gaura blooming like crazy in the front garden; carrot fronds waiting patiently to get big and bushy; fresh shucking peas, zucchini, and the promise of tomatoes and green beans, their dainty flowering vines curling up the poles they're planted on; lavender bringing the bees; the Japanese anemones budding, future white flowers hidden inside; the rock garden full of sedums in blooms of yellow and pink; the nasturtiums finally popping out a few apricot yellow flowers and the zinnias growing steadily.  Sandbox play, bees everywhere, ladybugs all over the place (I loves you, you ladybugs you!) and sometimes, we even get some sunshine. Time to go pick a few golden raspberries and call it a day. Enjoy your summer too, and if you have any favorites, share them with us. I can't believe anyone else's list could be sillier than mine... we won't laugh at you, I promise!


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