"La La Means I Love You"

Saturday night found me with my mouth agape. I'd clicked onto OPB and found a recast of the 2007 Rochester Jazz Festival and there was Bill Frissell, closing out the show with what started out as a sweet, intricate version of "La La Means I Love You"  and then ended up with a beautiful burning down of the house, or my brain, still not sure. (Yep, that's a link, because your life will be better if you check it out, and use the good speakers, not your crappy laptop speakers, otherwise, what's the point?) So good I had to share. Watch as Frissell loops himself and the drummer turns into slow-mo. I saw Frissell years ago at the Aladdin in collaboration with PICA and was amazed even then.

And if you need a hit of Old Style, check out the Delphonics singing "La la...". In the words of Eric Cartman, "Super Sweet". (and be sure to check out the comments for this YouTube selection. Quite candid!)


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