MIA: My Sense of Humor

It must be coming off all the transitions and work that's made me wonder: where the hell did my sense of humor go to?

It's probably off on vacation right now, somewhere silly, thinking "Mmmm....oh yeah, I ain't goin' back to that bitch anytime soon."

It's not that I'm a bitch, really, it's just the recent transitions and being the Parent on Duty all day kinda dries me up. Today, in the sandbox, Kiddo and friend throwing sand at each other. They didn't mean to, they told me. Uhn-uh, not buying that.  I just didn't see any humor in the situation. Nor the fact that I will have to wash Kiddo's hair again to get the sand out.

Or later, when Kiddo hit Daddy and Daddy sent him to his room---cue Connie Francis please: "Whaaaaare the TOYS Are" ... oh, no. Then when Daddy lets him off to play, I intervene. Kiddo needs to check in with Daddy. "Are you okay, Daddy?" Then Daddy blows it, smiles at him "I'm fine!" Arrghhh! Cue pulling one's own hair out. Daddy needs to try it again, without the "I'm so happy you hit me, it's a delight!" look on his face. We do it over, correctly, and then make a list of things Kiddo can do when he wants to hit. Which will come in handy when Kiddo can read, in a year or two from now.

I'm really not getting much of a break these days. Haven't had a whole lot of LOL moments. I need something seriously funny to make me laugh until my face hurts. The problem is that most of my old standbys aren't so funny these days. A couple episodes of South Park out of a whole season...yep, funny. But so many comedies aren't funny, just lame. I used to love the dumb-guy Will Ferrell stuff, but he's off doing other things. Seth Rogen owes me money and time lost for the movie rentals of his past few movies. Exceptionally unfunny. Seth, I loved you, but now you make movies exclusively for for teenage boys and the ones that just can't seem to quite grow up. You've lost me.

So, friends, Romans (well, no one from Rome reads this) or any countrymen or women-- send me some funny, please. I get plenty of interesting and obscure in my email--my dad is very partial to these, sending YouTube clips on kinetic sculpture or Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with nun chucks (he does so know me), but I need a little funny. Maybe I'll watch "Zoolander" for the hundredth time tonight. The first time I saw that was at the theater with a group of people, on a date with Joe. Two of the women complained at how stupid the movie was. I think my sense of humor might be hanging out with theirs right now. I didn't like those women and I don't want to be like them. Sense of Humor--- please, come back! I'll feed you Marx Brothers movies and wacky old comedies like I used to. We'll watch Ernst Lubitsch's "To Be or Not to Be" again, with Jack Benny and Carole Lombard. I'll finally rent George Cukor's "The Women" and enjoy some Jeeves and Wooster. These aren't empty promises... but without you, I'm really nothing. At least, nothing fun.


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