Tonight, Bring me Phyllis and a G&T

This weekend at our house should be dubbed a very impressive word: Productive.

Last Sunday, just one week ago, Kiddo started sleeping on his own bed in his own room. And if you think Joe and I are seriously enjoying having our bedroom back to ourselves at night, you aren't mistaken. Actually, not for the reason you are probably thinking so I'll fill you in: we can watch movies in our own bed at night again. As we don't have a couch at present (blame preschool here), this is really, really nice. I'm thankful, too, that our progress with getting Kiddo to stay in bed and sleep on his own has been very encouraging. Sure, there will be some tough nights ahead, and for now, I'm just grateful.

I'm also tired. Yesterday, a crisis with a server required Joe to work an unplanned couple hours in IT Guy mode. Kiddo and I went down to Saturday Market and enjoyed the fountain; bought a piece of raindrop-shaped aqua-green glass for his bedroom window. It was great until the bucket drums kicked in. Then we met up with Joe for the old switcheroo: he took Kiddo out for more fountain adventures and I headed for the Holy Mecca of My Portland, The Central Library, and worked for part of the afternoon. One of those disappointing days when half the stuff they said was in at the this library was not in fact findable, but I still managed to hurt my shoulder with my tote bag stuffed with books. Afterward we raced to pick up birthday treats for a dear friend I was going out with that evening.  Today I had burned up my brain earlier figuring out the lesson plans and then realizing that Mother's Day was coming up and some things would need to be tweaked. Hours of garden work was done, and I borrowed Ang's daughter to come and play, keeping Kiddo busy. Lovely. We've done the week's shopping, folded three loads of laundry together as a family. This was really fun, actually, all of us sitting near on the rug, Kiddo folding the small terrycloth washcloths in his way, refusing to let anyone fold them. "This is my important job" he says. And so it was.

So I'm tired now, and instead of watching the plight of some on-the-brink animal on Nature, I'm going to enjoy the Simpsons, and then watch my dvd pick "Goodnight, We Love You: The Life and Legend of Phyllis Diller". Anyone who is dubbed the "world's worst housewife" qualifies as interesting to me. That's what I originally loved about Roseanne Barr, who always reminded me of Carol Channing's slightly sarcastic debunking of ads glorifying housework on the "Free to Be- You and Me" record, back in the day. Plus, I saw the last few minutes of it waiting on line at the video store a few years ago and was intrigued. So, a nice cold fizzy gin and tonic and I'm settling in for the evening, sprawled out on my own bed, in my own room, alone at last. Ah.... the weekend begins...

 a nice ps- I fell asleep 40 minutes into it. Interesting, but obviously, tiredness won out--which is always the danger of watching movies in bed. But Kiddo slept all night, and that's good good good!


Amanda said…
I love getting in on the little things in your life. I'm glad you have your bedroom back for every kind of reason, especially down time. xo!
Good for you! Enjoy! (I didn't know it was Carol Channing on Free To Be You And Me. Oh, did I love that record so much! I'm going to order the CD right now.

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