It's that time again. Time to wave goodbye to the Mamaworldforum for a while.

I've been toying with doing this for the past few weeks, really. But today, I just felt surly about the whole damn thing. There have been a lot of obnoxious posts on recently-- my favorite was the self-designated Mother Goddess who had a rather scorched earth approach to those who didn't breastfeed their children up through the time they received their PhDs. Okay, I'm exaggerating by a few years, but it was that kind of crazy! And I'm having a hard time with all the punitive parents, who advocate teaching babies how to behave by hitting and slapping them. "A sting on the hand" is a frequent suggestion of one poster. I'm always tempted to ask her "What sort of sting? Do you carry a bee around with you? Do you think your kid is so stupid you have to hit them to teach them, or are you just that impatient that you can't be gentle?"

See, told you I was feeling surly.

I also see things I don't want to see. Like a young mother trying to start a business, yet her potential ad reads like a child with a cellphone wrote it. Or the mother who wondered if the daycare should be restraining her daughter, screaming and crying, in a high chair for an hour at a time because the three year old wouldn't nap. Or the young mom whose husband's tactic to teach their baby not to bite is to bite him back. Or the parents who were so mad at their son for messing his pants that they told him Santa wanted the Christmas gifts back because he wasn't 'being good.' Or parents who think they can punish their child into minding. This is all an ache on my heart.

There are stories of bad caregiving, by nannies and grandmas and husbands. There are people who get sucked into other people's dramas and want to butt in, and fortunately ask for advice before doing so. Whether they take this advice, I don't know. There are also the usual hot fire questions: " Is TV bad for my 3 week old" and "to circumcise, or no?" and then I roll my eyes and wonder aloud: "Really? You don't know how to use Google? You don't know how to make up your own mind about this, so you are asking a group of strangers, some with questionable levels of intelligence?"

Oooh, surly strikes again!

And there's the endless parade of potty problems. It really does deserve its own website. Pottypedia, maybe?

I could go on, but the point of this is to say that it's time to put my energy in other directions for a little while. So, I'm going to go do that now. And any of you Dramapedia ladies want to leave a comment, feel free to do so. Some of you, I will sorta miss. Some---oh, not so much.


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