Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All You Teachers....

Although I've been out of the poetry loop for a while, sometimes someone comes along that knocks my woolen slipper-socks right off!

Here's a poem for the profession by Taylor Mali. Thanks, Peg, for sending me to this poetman!

I (heart--big, big heart) my teacher friends. All of you. If I could paste a lovey-smiley face in here, I would. But I'm just too stupid on the computer.

And Amanda, even if you are busy, you should read this. It's for you. Love ya!

PS- For those who love language and want more, here's another lovely thing. Don't worry, it's on YouTube, but you can still read it.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

and our job is our heart and our heart is steeped heavily into these little ones we teach, teach....

Loved it. Thanks H~
Your sister