In the Seven Minutes I Have On the Timer

...while Kiddo's upstairs with Joe, home early with an ear infection.

1. I am the only person in my house currently not invited to the amoxicillan party.
2. I am tired of filling up itty-bitty tubes of Elmer's glue. They are child-hand-sized, and good for portion control, otherwise some of our art projects would take eight weeks to dry. But I really hate filling them up!
3. I wish my son could just 'drop the poop'. By this, I mean that he talks about poop constantly. Today, he wanted to "walk by the dog-poop house" on the way to the QFC. And when we got close to it he yelled happily "THE DOG POOP HOUSE!!!"  Just in case we didn't know.
4. I love Valentines Day, and love sharing it with the kids. They are so excited. This is one holiday we can celebrate at school: non-denominational, no dead turkeys, nothing scary... and no drinking. I'm not sure we could do an 'authentic' Saint Paddy's at preschool. Give them green juice? Nope, Valentines is the best, because it's all about the love...
5.I have preschool dishes still to wash and laundry to move, a bean bin to stow. And my timer went ding, so off I go!


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