Brubeck Boy

Yesterday, Kiddo and I took a long, rainy walk over to Portland Nursery. We were there to buy some suet for the backyard critters and to observe fountains. After this venture, we headed over to Belmont Station for an afternoon snack of pretzels and almonds (his choice) and a glass of good beer (mine).

Over the speakers came the hip bebop sounds of KMHD, the local jazz station. Maybe it was the rainy afternoon, feeling cold like winter-- I don't know, but their dj was on a roll. Tune after tune rolled along, and then a lively horn piece caught my ear.

"I know this song" I said aloud to Kiddo, making conversation and trying to place the familiar tune.

"We know this song. It's Brubeck." he replied. I was stunned. Of course it was a Dave Brubeck Quartet piece, "Blue Rondo A La Turk" from the classic "Time Out" album. Yeah, the one with "Take Five". Yet, the arrangement was done with horns by the Miami Saxophone Quartet and was wonderful. So I gaped at Kiddo and yep, I don't think I could be any more proud.

Now you know where my priorities lie. Skewed? Maybe. But my kid can hit on Brubeck faster than I could. Not bad for three and a half.

( A little trivia-- Dave Brubeck was one of the few real musicians to be mentioned by name on Perry Mason. Just in case you were wondering. It's in "The Case of the Missing Melody", Season 5, Episode 3. And yeah, I am geeky like that!)


Amanda said…
Quite impressed. Your son keeps good company. Cannot wait to see him again.

Something in a little box flying through the mail for you two. Nothing for Joe but a hug, but hope you enjoy. :)

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