Hey Pampers...Kids Aren't Stupid

Just saw the most inane commercial for Pampers "Easy-Ups", another underpant-style diaper on the market. Apparently, children get confused about wearing diapers to bed when they are potty training, so now their product "holds 25% more".

Let me get this straight-- Putting a child who is learning how to use the toilet into a glorified diaper--where they can't really feel themselves wetting their pants--is somehow less confusing than underwear? I've been around this block too many times to be anything but completely convinced that these products are designed to prolong the toilet learning process as well as their flow of revenue. When the Pampers-loyal consumers stop buying diapers and put their kids in underpants, Pampers stops making money. What better way to keep milking that cash cow than to impede the process?

The only good that comes from these products is not having a pee mess to clean up. Hence, the item serves the parent, not the child, who can learn that pants-wetting is a logical consequence of not making it to the toilet. Pampers would like you to have your child use their product all day and then again at night, so as not to "confuse" them.  24 hour dependence on diapers isn't going to help any child graduate to underwear.


My son isn't an idiot, and he's not confused by wearing diapers to bed. He'd like to wear underpants to bed, and we are working with him. We've told him that if has dry morning diapers for a couple of weeks, we'll get the special sheets for the bed and let him sleep in underpants. We've been doing underwear since June/July or so, and it's been fine. We'll take a pass on the Pampers and save our money, reinvest it in the one-time cost of a couple waterproof sheets, thanks. I'm sure it'll cost a heck of a lot less...and take Kiddo less time to stay dry at night, too.


Amanda said…
Oh I have about 4 extra sets of those special sheets..please let me share! What size do you need?
Full-sized for the futon. If you don't have any fulls, that's fine. Thanks for offering. Anyone need a stack of 6 large-sized Fuzzy Bunz diapers w/ inserts? Lemme know...

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