Dear Neil Finn

My son has informed me that he'd like to trade guitars with you. He's had his eye on that black one you played on the Seven Worlds Collide dvd for quite a while. I do not know the make and model of it as I am not a guitar enthusiast, nor can I recall which songs you played it on as I am a busy mother, so I cannot be more exact in specifying which guitar he desires.

Oh, and he's three years old;  his guitar is virtually untunable and has fallen several times from where he hangs it on the edge of the blocks shelf. So, you'd most definitely be on the losing end of this deal. However, if you feel this trade to be worthy of your consideration, we appreciate the time you will spend pondering it before kindly refusing.

All in good fun and just parlaying the interest of my little popster. (Note: I did not say pop star. Who'd want that for their child?)


PS--The running races during the last tour stop here? Lovely. Thanks for thinking of the kids.


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