Scoffing Sesame Street

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Perhaps my combination of fear/disgust/loathing for All Things Elmo has transferred into my DNA and was passed onto Kiddo.

I've tried three different times in his life to introduce Sesame Street. Actually, it was the Old School Sesame Street, the one with the disclaimer that the content might not be suitable for a preschooler. I'll take my chances on Kiddo thinking junkyards and construction sites are playgrounds any day than risk the Big Red E making him whiny for every kid product under the sun. All of these introductions have been acts of desperation, by the way. The first two times, he was sick. This time, he was recovering and I was sick. But still, after 10 minutes--

"I don't want to watch Sesame Street. I don't like it."

Next time, I'm saving my money and re-renting that double-dvd Phish concert.


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