Mamas On Call-- Check'em Out!

I'm always on the hunt for websites with grounded parenting advice, so when I found Mamas On Call, I was as pleased as punch. I'm including it as a link on See the Sites. The two mamas in question, Family Therapist  Ellen Schrier and Pediatrician Rachel Zahn, know from whence they speak. I was initially captivated with Schrier's piece on "The Best Friend Parent", which is the first in a series on the topic; what could have been a heavy topic is approached here with a refreshing and balanced perspective.. Zahn's health information is accurate and relevant without being alarmist or extreme. Their other offerings are surprisingly substantial and yet bite-sized and relatively easy to swallow. I could go on and on-- just being very general here instead of gushing praises on these sharp-witted and intelligent women, as I am really doing deep in my heart right now. There are so many good articles on this site, you could keep busy for a couple hours. If you are looking for some insights and good, no-nonsense-but-still-fun parenting ideas, this is definitely worth putting into your favorites.


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