Finished...For Now

John Lennon sang that life was what happened when we were looking elsewhere, planning something completely unrelated to one's own reality. While this can seem disheartening, there's also another message, which is that it's good to know when to stop.

Remember the wallpaper I wrote about earlier last month? We have had a tempestuous relationship, that wallpaper and I. I eased it off with a razor, then later tore savagely at it with a device called a Paper Tiger. Zinnser (the manufacturer) is not paying me for this plug, but let me just say that I'djhave given my left pinkie toe to have had this device at the onset of my travails. Nonetheless, after the last 3 days of fierce work and the lovely wonderful friends who have stepped in to help with childcare and guidance and labor, we now have wallpaper off, the mudding and patching done and the first coat of primer on the wall. And we've stopped.

Stopping comes at a good time. Joe is very busy at work, very engaged in what he's doing and this has been a not-easy week. We need a little ease--a little glass of wine, a little Doctor Who. We debated putting a second coat of primer on tomorrow morning and it just felt like we were pushing it. I have one day, tomorrow, to get the entire physical environment of the preschool in place. This is something I actually find exciting, and I already have my lesson plans sketched out, ready to go. The trick will be keeping Kiddo out of our areas of work, and that means there will be some switching out care of housework and setup. So tonight, it's good to say "It's nine. Let's stop."

So here's to heeding the call of the other plans. Life is happening,right now.


Amanda said…
Way to say no to the blending of huge household tasks and very important little people who shall descend on you in a few sweet days. I hope you'll find moments soon to finish that mad wall paper, get those walls just the way you like so you can sit back and enjoy it all. Love to you, and your friends who have given so much to help you.

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