Stupid Television

Some days are just exhausting. Drained down to your toes exhausting. Like today. I should be heading out to chat and raise a pint with some nice lady friends and frankly, I'm just too tuckered out to talk. What this mama needs is some good, stupid tv.

This evening the show of choice will likely be American Idol. It's the final two and who's going to make it? I think the bigger question (and the reason this qualifies as stupid tv for me) is "do I care? Am I going to buy their CD?" No, and no. I live in a world that is dialed in far away from the current pop music, so half of what I hear on that show leaves me scratching my head. But it's still gratuitous and I seriously (heart) Simon Cowell.

So what if it's not a Tuesday night, but another night in question. Well, here's my list of favorite stupid tv shows and why~

Monday night: Has to be House, hands down. Another British attraction, Hugh Laurie, but he's why we started watching. We are dorky Jeeves and Wooster fans, and while I would love to see Stephen Frye on this show too, I'll settle for the silly, contrived and always dramatic medical cases handled by a team of somewhat troubled and self-absorbed diagnostic doctors. I don't even care whether the patient makes it or not's all good, stupid TV to me.

Tuesday night, part 2: Okay, I'm a Gleek. I'll totally admit it. I loved choir in school, musical theater to boot, and I think Jane Lynch is one of a small group of amazing and hilarious actors, male or female, on tv. Some of her scenes pretty much trump any musical numbers, although I do enjoy the pure earnestness of Lea Michele. I'm not sure about the new Rachel storyline...but still, once again, nice for a no-brainer.

Wednesday night: I hate the Idol results show, so I'm at a loss here. Usually it's on Nova or something less dumb. And then I fall asleep early. Too much thinking?

Thursday night: I can't truly call it stupid tv, as much as I'd like to. I'm hooked on the smart/funny NBC comedy stampede, from Community all the way to The Marriage Rep. Thursday night, the Ladies have it: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey both rock my world. Parks and Rec is by far one of the best comedies on television (the character of Ron Swanson slays me every time) and 30 Rock continues to shine.

Friday night: Time for a dvd. Some television is just too stupid.

Saturday night: Ah, we are going to miss thee, Legend of the Seeker. A Sam Raimi Zena-esque production, complete with ridiculously good-looking people kicking ass in a fantasy land (but shot in New Zealand. Yo! Hobbits!). No one ever really dies, because there's about a gajillion ways to come back to life--Magic spells! The Kiss of Life! or you can choose to Become the Walking Undead!-- and they seem to always look fantastic and more importantly, unscarred. I found this by accident last summer when Joe was in England for a week and had forgotten to leave my sanity with me stateside. The show may yet be renewed, but for now, with the tidy wrap-up, I'll be surprised. Too bad, because I was hoping to see more of Darkan Ral. It's always the bad guys that really look so good...

and Sunday night, it's the Simpsons, the most intelligent stupid tv ever.

So now that you have some great reasons to look down on me, do me a favor--chime in with your favorite stupid television shows. Grey's Anatomy? Hardball with Chris Matthews? I've just pulled down my intellectual trousers, now it's your turn. Show us what you've got.

And no, my son doesn't watch this stuff. Just so's you know!;)


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