14 Minutes...

...is all I have until I have to tuck Kiddo in. If you think that announcing how precious little time I have is silly, think again. It makes a difference. It makes you feel important. For years we had a Lothario friend who used to cringe when we'd tease him with a phrase I had conjured up as an apropos reflection of his romantic life. "I only have one night in town....but I really want to spend it with you." The joke is that he was such a commitmentphobe that he very likely lived in the same town as the woman he was seducing. But I digress...

did you ever have your old life leak into the new one? I wonder about this sometimes, how life is not so compartmentalized and neat, but rather messy. Middle-Aged Lothario is no longer someone we hang out with, and he's now married with a child. So something changed along the way.

Change is so crazy, so untrackable. Today we started out on a great little bus ride to the store sort of field trip. I bought way to much stuff (or at least spent far more than I'd expected) but came home with a happy kid--credit two string cheeses in the cart for that-- makings for a delicious pesto pasta salad and a copy of Bell, Book and Candle on dvd. To keep. If you've never checked out this Kim Novak/Jimmy Stewart masterpiece, you are missing out. Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs and Hermione Gingold only add to the coolness. And as tv sucks tonight, we'll likely be watching this and I'm glad.

After the field trip followed a tupsy-turvy afternoon. Happy, upset, needy, independent. From 1-nearly 4, I was seriously debating putting Mr. I Don't Want To Eat That Sort Of Lunch YOU'VE Made For ME down for a nap. Thank Heavens for teatime! A good cuppa changes everything! By 4 pm, we were busy painting, playing and having fun together. Dinner already made, I took the 4-6 witching hours to relax and play with Kiddo.

"It's going to be a two-martini evening" said Joe as he handed me my favorite glass. It's very me, very sharp and rich-looking. We've made it through the first week with Joe being gone. And Now It's Time For Bed. So off I go to read a long story and look at this little boy I share more and more with each day.

Forgive me if it's not edited, but life rarely is.


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