In This Moment... son is tired and getting into some mischief upstairs with his Daddy. He's been watching a David Byrne concert at Union Chapel because my kid has absolutely no interest in Sesame Street. That's my boy.

...I am amazed I don't have stained hands from our Adventures with Food Coloring today. I made 9 dropper bottles of color for tomorrow and have more in my future. Hope this trend of no-mess continues.

...I am tired from being up at 5:55 this morning to take care of an early call regarding utter nonsense due to someone else's ineptitude. Some dolt owes me about an hour of sleep. (This includes the 55 minutes of worry from last night as I lay awake dreading the inane phone call I needed to make.)

...I'm looking forward to waking up tomorrow and truly enjoying my Space-Out Time. I am looking forward to going to bed first.

...Joe is finishing up the dishes, ready to head out for a game of crib with a buddy.

...I should probably get back upstairs and watch my kid so my husband can leave!



Amanda said…
thanks for sharing the little'll tie me over until our next chat. Maybe tomorrow? :)

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