Usually a truce is the white flag one side waves to another during conflict. A truce is an agreement to back down and compromise.

Not this TRUCE. TRUCE is an acronym for Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Childrens Entertainment. (I've added them to my Sites to See, at right.)This organization is doing just the opposite of backing down. They're standing up and doing their best to inform parents and families about just how detrimental excessive media exposure is to our kids. They aren't doing this to be politically correct, but because they are seeing the behaviors, habits and affects of unhealthy entertainment on their students and they have every reason to be concerned.

So do we as parents. When we know better, hopefully, we do better. TRUCE's Action Guides are worth downloading. Information about the best toys for your child can be found here. (And by best, I mean best-use or best-play and not best-brand.) Their positive information about television viewing also features a list of great questions to ask your child as well as tips for keeping connected and engaged around what they are viewing, and what our children think of it. Knowing which messages and impressions our children take away from watching television is valuable information for parents, who can then tailor their child's viewing to best suit the family's values and needs.

Most of you who read this will know that we do watch television in our home. So I'm not here to say television is evil incarnate. This website is also a great resource and conversation-starter for those of you who might want to educate family members who care for your child. Well-intentioned caregivers should be informed of the newest research and the other options and alternatives available.

For those of us who value childhood, who want to protect our children without becoming extreme in our choices, TRUCE offers sound information that can help us more thoughtfully consider the paths we take in our parenting journey.


Amanda said…
It's amazing to me how quietly media, and bad media for older kids, sneaks in. It's so important for us as parents to listen to what the kids are viewing because it's teaching our little ones how to play, communicate...what kind of behaviour to idolize. And for those littler ones, they just really don't require any two dimensional media, because it just doesn't teach at all. Not only that but I'm convinced that kids actually lose their ability to imagine, create, converse and cooperate in a matter of minutes in front of the toob.

It's better to challenge our kiddos to be without much of the time, the weaning is short though painful, and the results are happy, singing kiddos who work together and find a whole new dimension in play.

Wait a minute...did I just write a blog on your blog? Sorry.
Amanda said…
....looking at TRUCE reminds me, I saw a toy on tv (yes, we watch too) the other day. An electronic coloring pad. The faster you scribble, the faster the music plays. What is this?

Teaching chaos. No, thanks. I'd prefer my kiddos learn fine motor control and SELF control. I'm envisioning a 13 year old who scribbles on his homework and drums on every surface loudly to make the music go...faster. ehm.

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