A Few Moments...

...to say "Hey" to the world. I've had my head down with a bunch of stuff for a while. Here are some very random thoughts on what we've been up to:

Birthday Soup: Okay, so I didn't eat this on my birthday, but I did spend some birthday money at the farmers market on some gorgeous fresh leeks and potatoes. Add in some good broth (I like the Rapunzel cubes), some corn, diced red peppers and lots of celery and throw in some finely chopped fresh basil toward the end. Serve with good bread--I chose a pain au levain--and dig in.

The Autumn Color: the cold snap created some serious beauty outside, including some very trippy-hippy bright multi-colored leaves...the kind you painted in elementary school with loads of green, brown, orange, red and yellow. And those bright red dogwoods--amazing.

Slight tendinitis: Okay, the word 'slight' is an understatement. Between my proclivity to write and my tendency to sleep on my hands, my arms and neck are also affected. Must Stop Typing. (Can't! Can't!)

Brochures for Plumtree Nursery School are finally finished. Feel free to ask for one...we're enrolling!

The Skybridge: If you live in Portland and need something to do for a while to get out in the morning, there's nothing better than the Hollywood Max skybridge off 41st and Senate. Seriously...we spent a half hour up there yesterday, just getting across, watching people, cars, and two guys working in a cherry-picker.

Bruno Bettelheim's "The Good Enough Parent": Personally, I'll say that if I get through this book, I'm going to be at least a Smart Enough Parent. Very good information presented in a not-so-facile text, but if you are willing to stretch your brain around Bettelheim's complex sentences, it's worth the work. Lots of deep insights that ring true; the man has studied parent/child relationships with an eye for what's going on beneath the outward behavior. Put it on your list of "I want to read it someday" books and hope you finish it before your child finishes college. That's my wish!

and finally--Those Yankees! I'm torn--should they lose it to the Angels, Joe will be so bummed. Should they make it to the World Series, I will be sooooo bored. Dilemma of dilemmas...if it were me, I think I'd throw the game in my own best interest. Perhaps that's why they won't let me play the only position I'm suited for: shortstop.



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