Free Story and Name that Book

Sometimes, the best free stuff you can find on Craig's List is the story about the item. Check this one out before it goes away...hilarious.

We have a new game around the house. It's called "Name That Book"...kind of like Name That Tune, but harder to decipher. Joaquin has a knack for randomly quoting a series of words or phrases...often onomonopeac (I'm hoping that's know, words that evoke the sound they are representing!) words like "rattle rattle" and "hiss hiss"... The Frog and Toad books seem to be the greatest contributor of source material. For a few days, he walked around repeating "big and brown", leaving me scratching my head until I read the book.

Now it's become a game. "Robins laughing", "still there" or "around the corner" pop up frequently. Typical to toddlerhood, we are guessing at his words in some way or another. I finally figured out that "sing Cat Song" meant The Owl and the Pussycat.

He's a smart kid. I've got a lot of cat-ching up to do!


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