After 2 Weeks..., in case people were wondering if I'd dropped off the face of the Earth, here I am. We have been very busy these last few weeks, holidays being what they are. If you are curious as to what we've been up to, here are a few highlights.

The Christmas Miracle-Last April our hot water heater circa 1970 gave up the ghost and committed water-heater suicide, spewing it's life force onto our basement floor and causing us to leave for a trip hours later than originally planned. Enter new, high-efficiency water-heater which was great until about a month ago, when I could have really used a hot shower. Warm water was what I got instead. You know why you never hear of someone taking a 'nice warm shower'? Because no one wants to, including me. Well, a couple days after Christmas, after some rather desparate words, Joe went down and fixed the water heater. Apparently we have temperature settings above Arctic Ice Floe. Joe is my hero, and I now think lovingly of him every time I take a Burn-Ass Hot shower and come out toasty pink!

Movie Date!: The first one since I was pregnant! We went to see "Vicky Christina Barcelona" which we loved. Afterward felt frisky and went over to Crema for coffees, then sat in the car and talked before we had to go home. Ah, the bliss of having a babysitter every now and then!

Cribbage Party: Our dear friends the Cohen family came over on New Year's Day to play a few hands of 4-person crib with us. We had yummy apples and manchego to snack on, and young Giselle brought pitas she'd made that morning and shared some dhooka to go with it. Dhooka is a Middle Eastern mix of herbs, spices and sesame seeds. You dip the pita into olive oil and then into the dhooka. It was delicious, and I really hope I have a chance to have some again soon. Joaquin loved having lots of happy people there to play with him too, so everyone had a good time.

Nights Out: Holidays without friends are just a bit boring. We were invited over to our friends Maarit and Aaron's for some delicious pecan pie and other tasty nibbles as well as good conversation. And I've had a few nights out to Produce Row with dear Lissa. Ah, those beer-battered fries! Makes me wish I was beer-battered myself! Getting out of the house was essential, and coming home to a fussy baby was a good reminder why I needed to get out. Poor Joaquin had just had a round of 3 shots and wasn't a happy camper at all. And by the time I got home, neither was his daddy.

One Last Holiday Date: Joe and I headed out to our old favorite pub, where the owner threw caution to the wind and had one last "Scotch and Cigar Night" despite the new law. (Apparently, the Scotch and Cigar night was previously cancelled as the pub was closed due to snow, and he was honoring his promise, and if it came down to the $2000 fine, so be it.) While we didn't partake in the smoke or whiskey, we did knock out three games of cribbage--Joe on a wicked winning streak--a plate of fries and a few really good beers. Want a great winter warmer? The Old Humbug was awesome. We then finished the decadence with a visit to Bay Leaf, our veggie restaurant of choice. The food was exquisite,the sizzling tofu served with brocolli, carrots, bamboo and wood ear mushrooms in a rich brown sauce. And the green plum tea? Heavenly. Reasonable prices, food comes out quickly, no attitude--this is what keeps us coming back to Bay Leaf, and this visit was the shining gold star on the top of a great two weeks.

So, hopefully, more child-centered posts soon. Our little guy is happy, busy and growing like the cutest weed one ever did see. Personality plus, that kiddo.

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy this weird, wacky weather! (or enjoy the staying cozy inside part of it!)


Amanda said…
You're in full form...or whatever they say. Burn-ass hot shower...Eli and I are huge fans. Frisky after a movie date- hmm. The Dhooka sounds blissful and I know Ralph would love to try it too. I agree, holidays with friends are the best. I'm sorry we couldn't be there, but alas, you'd have the place mowed over with all of us...
Miki said…
Thank you for your words =]
I'm glad to hear all is well and you are enjoying life. I am slowing down a bit, quitting the paper yet again to have more life to live. Hope I will see you more this way. <3

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