Peace On Earth--Day Three

Find my Inner Peace today? Ummm...can someone send me a freakin' map?

Today has been one of those yin/yang days...for every nice thing, there has been something "equal to or greater than" that falls in the annoying column. Sometimes, being the only woman in the house causes things to happen that utterly offend my sensibilities.

Imagine, listening to some sweet 40's jazz while hustling along making dinner and having a little boy making LOUD little boy noises and a grown man bellowing "The Owl and the Pussycat".

I banished them both from the kitchen.

Then we sat down to the nice meal, only to have the wee one whining at me. I put him on my lap and he stuck his hand down into the nice cozy place in my shirt. Joe (attempting to be helpful) grabbed the boy and lifted him to Daddy's lap. Sadly, wee one tried to take a certain part of my anatomy with him.

I know I'm getting old, but really, they only stretch sooo far.

I banished them both again.

If you can find the map, send it.


Amanda said…
How did you banish the booby? :)

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