The Peace On Earth Challenge-Day One

My sister Amanda has invited all of us to join her on her adventure of finding peace in the 31 days of December. I'll add a link to her blog as soon as I am able.

Day One of Peace in our house: Taking it as it comes.

I wanted to work outside on our poor, neglected yard, but Joaquin wanted to head off further, so I took off the gardening gloves and went for a walk.

I wanted to get Joaquin down for a nap at a reasonable time, but the cat barged in and distracted us. I decided to get up, let Kiddo play, do some dishes. Joaquin decided to go down at 2:20 and slept until 5. I got a lot of writing done.

I wanted to head out for a double date on Friday night with Joaquin's godparents. Our babysitting arrangement fell through. No hard feelings--we'll try for pizza at our house with these dear friends.

And we are trying out a new babysitter on Saturday. I'm being proactive about getting her into our lives.

Despite the petty disappointments, I'm not disappointed. Joe's going out tonight, dinner just came out of the oven and everyone's happy.

Time to go eat. Yum.


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