Peace Hiatus

"OK! What's the matter? Are you peacefully challenged? Or are you challenging peace? =-)~"

My friend Lissa sent this to me a few days ago. A nice nudge.

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, I find that peace is elusive.

Take, for example, the last two weeks. I was feeling crummy with The Health Issue, and finally went to the doctor's. Not great news: I have some sort of mass on one of my ovaries and will likely have to have surgery. I have spent these last two weekends waiting for test results, the first of which was a non-result, the second of which should be more conclusive. Joaquin is starting to cut the first of his two-year molars and is quite a frustrated, sore little person these days.

Not exactly how I wanted to roll into the holidays.

But I'm still finding moments of peace. They are scattered around the house. Come and take a tour:

In the kitchen, on the counter, you will find some pain relieving herbs and tinctures prescribed by the naturopath. The first step on the path to peace is pain relief!

Up above is a wide assortment of herbal teas and decaf teas. Peace can be found in a teacup, warming cold hands and a lingering scent that captivates my senses.

In the chest of drawers nearby, peace is pressed onto plastic discs, all my favorite jazz cds waiting to be popped out and enjoyed.

In the living room are the shelves of toys I've carefully picked out for my son. There is a lovely sense of calm when we build towers, explore the little kitchen and pretend to sip from little wooden teacups, or get out the animals and have them talk to each other.

In the bathroom, two little escapes: a hot shower and trashy magazines! The best! Add some chocolate and I could seriously live in there.

Upstairs, our warm and cozy little nest. On the bedside table is "Phineaus Redux" by Anthony Trollope, which I am thoroughly enjoying. There's nothing like getting lost in a book.

Or a movie or television show. Thank goodness Perry Mason is still on, as dependable and satisfying as ever. We've watched quite a few movies recently, in order to keep our minds happily occupied. "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" was a very fun one, as was "Stepbrothers". (Okay, very different kinds of fun--Arty 1920's fun in contrast to Crude Joke Teenage Boy fun). "In Bruges" was one of the best (super, super) dark comedies I've ever seen, and "Young Frankenstein" was utterly hysterical in the way that only Mel Brooks can be. The "Puttin' on the Ritz" dance scene with Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle was wild--I couldn't stop laughing.

There's a lot of peace in laughter.

Going out to dinner with my dear friend Lissa has helped immensely. When things feel weird, doing something normal is wonderful. (So is Walking Man Brewery's "Walktopus", by the way.) Yesterday, Joe and I were able to get out and finish the last little bits of Christmas shopping, as well as going out for a nice sushi lunch. We were thoroughly snow-blasted by the time we got home to the sitter and Little Mr. No Nap, but so happy to have some time together.

This has been a bit of a stressful time for Joe and I, but I am finding little bits and pieces of peace. Just walk through our cozy, messy little house. You'll see.


Amanda said…
Fun to travel with you throughout your bits of peace, thanks for sharing. Kiss that boy...

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