The Peace Challenge--Progress! Day 6&7

For those of you who missed the last few installments, suffice it to say, I wasn't feeling all that peaceful.

Actually, by Friday night I was a Mother On The Edge...the edge of burnout. Saturday morning was a mad scramble, but I decided to 'try' the new sitter by actually leaving. When I first met her, my instinct sounded the Ding!Ding!Ding!Mad Skills! alarm and I knew I was better off spiriting Joe and I away down the street for a latte. The cafe had an almond croissant that was out of this world, too.

Everything slowed down after our sitter went home. Joaquin took his nap, Joe and I got in a game of cribbage and had a nice simple dinner before dear Alisha picked me up. We headed to our friend Cindy's for a mom's group holiday gathering, sans babies. Although I've been dealing with some health issues (which I will not go into here as this is not that sort of a blog!) and feeling kinda crummy and wearing my "feeling kinda crummy"-comfy clothes--which then makes me feel kinda frumpy--I had a good time. Maybe it was the three glasses of wine? Nah... definitely the company. Great dishy mom chat and some thought-provoking stuff which I will try to blog about later this week. I left relaxed and very happy to know each of these women.

Things being what they've been this week, Joe and I decided not to attend a brunch we were very much looking forward to. Joaquin is the busiest little body and the idea of chasing him around someones house just wore me out to think about it. Instead, we took him out to Mt Tabor Middle School and let him just toodle around everywhere. It was great. Very little redirection involved. Even on a cold day, we decided that this was far and away better than a wet playground and definitely a peaceful place. If you are looking for ideas for your kiddos that don't involve constantly keeping them away from the road, middle schools on weekends are great. Large sports fields, not a haven for dogs (and their poo) and not exactly popular this time of year. We loved it.

So that's the Peace Update. I'm really trying to figure out how to get a little more time out of the house on my own, and more exercise. It's hard to take brisk walks right now, with one very determined little guy who wants to walk himself. Anyone with a good idea is welcome to chime in. I draw the line at duct taping the kid into the stroller, but if you have any other good and legal suggestions, do drop a line.


Amanda said…
stroller ideas....something that captures Joaquin's attention that's only for the stroller? A "new" toy? Instrument? Snackies? Big circle stickers that will peel off the stroller bar after he places them all on?

But I remember how it can hardly buckle them in and once you do they play little caterpillar squirming out. Hmm? Those stairs would give you a good workout when he's snoozing (if it's quiet enough). I did dvd's and things when they were so wee. Good luck!

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