A Little Piece of Peace (Days 4&5)

I must type fast because it doesn't sound so peaceful upstairs...
Shall I list the peaceful moments?
Yesterday, I found peace in the pages of US Weekly and another trashy magazine so trashy it shall remain nameless. My son was in the tub and I was sipping a Very Adult Drink and ordered a little take-out sushi for Joe to pick up on the way home. If you'd had the day I had, you too would have found this little voyage into Hollywood Gossip very relaxing.
Today my neighbor Maarit offered to have the Mom's group meeting at her house watch Joaquin this afternoon because I desperately needed to vacuum and my son is absolutely frightened of the vac. It was great to be able to focus on the job at hand and not worry about holding/comforting him at the same time.

And his godparents came for an evening visit. (Which is why I needed to vacuum in the first place.) They brought lots of good food, for which we had a few nice bottles of wine. It was wonderful to see them; they doted on their godson, because they are awesome godparents, and we all had a great time.

Now off to UpstairsLand I go. It's someone's bedtime.


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