Stay-Cation, Part Deux

The second installment of the Saga of "Going Nowhere"

Monday: Well, we actually did go somewhere. Mundane activities galore in the a.m.; Joe and I finished our cribbage game from Sunday while Joaquin napped and had a beer, which put us in fine form to tackle that mess called Hawthorne Blvd. Joe lost his earring taking off a ventilator mask whilst doing cribbage repair and using nasty chemicals outside, so we were off to replace said earring with a duplicate. As you might have guessed, he's the kind of guy who finds what works and sticks with it, and he's had that earring in his ear since I've known him. That said, we were off on an adventure to places that promise Jewelry but really deal in Body Jewelry. Popping in and out of these stores and checking out the merchandise, I began to feel very vanilla and slightly middle aged. Apparently we were such hopeless cases that the salespeople at one store completely ignored us. Which was fine, because they looked rather surly and would've been annoyed at simply the thought of wasting their time on two normal looking people like ourselves.

No earring found, but the highlight was stopping in at Peets for some tea. I'm not a person who wants expensive things, and a box of good tea is my kind of luxury item. The Fancy Osmanthus I was hankering after wasn't available, but I was very happy to have a chance to talk with one of their staff about the Holiday Blend, which I picked up. I loved decaf coffee for a long time, but going back to real ( read: not decaf) tea is like returning to my first love. One of my favorite parts of tea shopping is just the sniffing of the teas. Needless to say, this was the definite highlight of my day.

And upon returning home, Joe found his earring out in the driveway. How about that?!

Tuesday: Lovely lunch out with Joe. Ran a few errands and then stopped in at Oaks Bottom Brewpub for lunch. Oaks Bottom is one of the Lompoc chain of restaurants and always has great beers on tap. I had a Great Divide "Hibernation" and Joe had a Leavenworth Dunkelweizen, which I think he was expecting more from. But his disappointment was assuaged with the heaping helping of tater tots piled on our plates. The Tots reign supreme here, and Oaks Bottom is the only place I know to offer "Totchos", tater tots smothered in nacho cheese. Were I not lactose-intolerant, I would've been in grave danger.

Wednesday: Can you consider a walk in driving, pouring rain a highlight? I have to; it's the only time I really got out of the house. Damn the pedometer, I decided that if I didn't get my 10,000 steps in after that walk, I was just going to be irritated, so I left it lying on the shelf at home. Took two strollers (one leaked before we even left!) and I have never had more saturated hair, but my friend Laura said we should be proud for heading out into the wet. I think I'm just going to believe her.


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