The Stay-Cation Finale

The last of a three-part journey to nowhere...

Wednesday night: Gathered the mamas together here, had a cozy wood fire and good red wine, nibbles and pleasant conversation all to the tunes of Mose Allison and Miles Davis. My favorite comment of the evening-"Did you see that Walmart commercial where the mom is excited because she can afford to buy her kid everything he wants for Christmas? It makes me sick. Why would you buy your kid everything they wanted?" I'm sure I'm paraphrasing, but loved the logic.

Thursday: A wonderful morning, cold, but we headed down to the courthouse to start the process of getting my name changed. I'll be a Wheeler! After filling out forms and dropping off a check, we scheduled a court date to appear before the judge, then went off to grab a celebratory mocha from Peets. Then, that afternoon, I got a chunk of time to finish up some writing and we had burritos for dinner. Not bad!

Friday: The highlight of my day, besides getting to sleep in an extra 45 minutes thanks to Awesome Joe, was going downtown to visit with my friend Jen. We had a cup of tea at her place, commiserated with her menagerie (dog, cat, bird), chatted with her very nice fiance and then took an ambling walk through Northwest, stopping at Pearl Baking at the end for decaf coffee and a chance to pick up yummy baked goods for Joe. Delish brioche treat and amazing bouchon. We feasted on this while watching "The Skeletons of Cadavra" after Baby J fell asleep. "Skeletons" is very funny, a modern movie made in the "b movie" style of old classics (ie- "It Came From Outer Space" and such like). Now I should go off to bed.

I will say this~ overall, this little vacation at home has been a success. It would've been a mess to travel to the coast, what with bridges washing out and mudslides on highway 6, our usual route. We did a lot less and a lot more than we thought. I'm going to be very sad when Joe has to go back to work on Monday. But we have one last hurrah in store, a cribbage tourney on Sunday at the pub with some dear friends. Not a bad way to end it.


Amanda said…
Thanks for taking us a long with you, it's been a fun read. Congrats too on taking on the 'Wheeler.' Hazel Wheeler. Sounds nice. ;) I'm happy that you're life is happy.
(me being sisterly now) -love you.

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