Stay-Cation, All I Ever Wanted.... Part One

After going round-about regarding Joe taking some much needed time off and all the particulars a vacation implied, we decided that the most relaxing option was to just hang out at home. We will spend a fraction of the money gas, lodging and meals out would have cost and treat ourselves to some yummy snacks, rent movies and maybe even take the kiddo out to the zoo or heaven forbid, that germs' paradise called OMSI. (I say this because my pediatrician regularly warns us away from OMSI, the Children's Museum and the like.)

So, without any further ado, this is the wee chronicle of our low-rent week. I won't give you a play by play, just the stuff worth noting.

Installment One:
Saturday: Did you see those clouds? We ran errands after my Saturday a.m. writing time up at Corporate Coffee. The clouds whipped across the sky, absolutely stunning. No rain all afternoon, so after the required shopping trips we took a walk up to Independent Coffee Shop and Joaquin had a blast toodling along. He is into everything right now, and it must be hard for him to not be able to walk into puddles or pick up rotten apples and the like. I put him in the pack on the way home and he snoozed for 20 minutes or so. Evening was exceptional; tired boy fell asleep at eight, which allowed us time to get in two episodes of Perry Mason from my newest birthday dvd. Oh, and we had martinis, which is the recommended drink when you are watching the snappy back-n-forth of Perry Mason and Lieutenant Tragg and drooling over cars with amazingly sharp fins. Look out!

Sunday, so far: After making the big breakfast from heaven (I make really good home fries and a mean scramble), we headed over to Trader Joe's. This was our first vacation adventure, as everyone had brought their children and appeared hell-bent on making shopping decisions by consensus. Worse than I5 North gridlock at 4:30. We are primarily "list" shoppers, and managed to make our way through with good humor intact. Especially as we were not struck immobile by the "Deer In Headlights" epidemic that seemed to strike customers upon entering. Maybe it's in the ventilation?... A nice long nap for the boy gave Joe and I time to chat, play a few games of cribbage, and open up his birthday beer, Reinaert's Flemish Wild Ale. It's like that cousin that shows up at the family reunion which no one can quite place; not quite a Belgian, a lambec, or anything else we could put our finger on. I thought "Grains of Paradise", maybe? in the flavor...very unique. Thank you, dear Lissa, for turning us on to a new and neat beer. I did my research, and it's the yeast that makes it so special. If you are interested, you can find out more at the below link.

Just a heads up for those of you who love beer, or those of you who love someone who loves beer: the fresh hop beers are disappearing fast. So if you haven't tried them and wanted to, get thee to Belmont Station or check out the offerings at the QFC on Burnside and 55th. They have a surprisingly good variety of microbrews for a standard grocery store. I liked this summer's "Hop Czar" by Bridgeport, and Great Divide made a great "Fresh Hop" beer. Also worth checking out--the "Freaktoberfest" by Schmaltz Brewing. It's a red lager with a hell of a lot more going on than your average lager, definitely more body and a richer flavor. Their "Lenny's R.I.P.A." a rye IPA is amazing, and their newest Jew-balation is excellent, I've been told.

And now off I go to join in the giggles upstairs.


Unknown said…
I'm so glad you had such a relaxing weekend but I must say that as I begin my second trimester tomorrow, after reading this post, I have not wanted a beer MORE in the past three + months. My mouth is watering! I hate you! J/K.

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