From Our Legs to Theirs...

oh, the ideas we women come up with. Baby Legs legwarmers are all the rage, and as cute as they are, the styles are a bit limited. (Not everyone wants pirates or other trendy motifs on their little boy.) And the price? Choke. Oh, and my son's chubby legs barely fit in them...the tight elastic left red marks on his thighs which made me feel so guilty.

But, thanks to one of the smart mamas I know, Naomi, I now have free baby legwarmers. And feel good about not buying more baby clothes. And I get to recycle something that normally would have had a shorter life. Namely, socks.

See, Naomi came to our mom's group one day with the neatest little legwarmers on her daughter, Violet. When I asked her about them, she confessed that she'd just cut off the foot part of a pair of socks. The Genius!

I, too, wear holes in the toes of my socks. I hate darning, and those socks never feel the same afterward. So a few months ago, I caught myself getting ready to pitch a pair of comfy burgundy socks into the garbage and stopped short. Got the scissors instead. Excellent! My supersoft black cotton socks were just converted a few days ago. Now as the weather changes, I can still keep my son in his comfy linen pants. His legs stay warm and best, covered from ankle on up.

In the interest of keen ideas, here are a couple I've thought of that also involve socks:

When you're out walking kiddo around in the stroller and he really needs to wear his shoes, but keeps kicking them off, pull an old pair of snug tube socks (any long sock will do) on over the shoe and up his leg. You have to gather the up at the toe first, but it's better than losing shoes and having to walk back for them.

Same goes for mittens. If your kid pulls off their mittens, cut a big and little hole, (one on each side)in the toe end of a pair of socks, tube socks working best for this also. Then slip them over your kid's mittened hands, letting the fingers part of the mitten go through the big hole and the thumb part through the small hole.Pull the sock up their arm, over the sleeve of their shirt or sweater. Then, put their coat on over the sock-covered arms. Works like a charm and they can't get those mitten off. Eliminates lost mittens.

Or there's always the "ribbon sewn to the mittens" trick. Take a piece of ribbon long enough to run the length of their arms and back, plus six+ inches or so (so they can get them on, esp. good for older kids) and sew each end of the ribbon to the opening of a mitten. Then, thread mittens and ribbon through the arms of the winter coat. Perfect. Very old-school, but my mom did it with us and while I lost a lot of stuff, I never lost those mitts!

Please share your crafty ideas in the comments!


Amanda said…
Hmmm...thinking on how I can make "leg warmers" work for my boys. But with winter coming, little ankles and snow do not mix...perhaps under the boot, over the sock& pants...?

Miss you! Fun to read of you! How can I see you again soon?
Cathy said…
I'm your sis Amanda's friend...and I love the sock/leg warmer idea! Thanks for sharing! Especially since we know while in the stroller,backpack, carseat, or just being held, the blanket will not stay on, the shoes won't stay on, and the pants WILL ride up so that the legs aren't even covered! Great ideas!

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