A Slight Reprieve (?)

I went out to play mah-jongg with the girls last night. We feasted on great bread with spreads, kebabs of various meats-- including a delectable fish!, spinach salad and pain au chocolat, courtesy of moi.

The biggest treat of all was getting a little adult time, even if I took far-far-far last place in mah-jongg.

Early this morning I was awakened by Joaquin. He was laughing in his sleep! Can you believe it? So, maybe he does have a pretty good life after all!

I'm always blown away that my little boy already had his own internal reality. If it makes him laugh, so much the better.

Oh, and today was the absolutely FIRST day of No Motrin in weeks. Have we turned a corner? Can I dare to hope?

Sigh. It's all soooo good.


Amanda said…
I LOVE boys they laugh in their sleep.

This morning Nate woke up next to me and mumbled "Is it me mom?" I asked what he was referring to...he answered "You said you found something skinny and furry." He was bringing a dream into the day. :)

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