Princess and the Pea

Okay, I'm not really royalty -- yeah, the Queen of the Castle, but other queens will know that the subjects are very demanding-- but I woke this morning with my tender flesh bruised and sore. Turns out I'd been sleeping on Joaquin's pacifier and that pain in my hip was from hoggin' the bink. Ah, well...

Today was a long one. I could give you my every thought on exactly how 24/7 being a work-at-home mama is, but I'll spare us all. Suffice it to say, by 4:30 I was walking kiddo around the neighborhood in the hopes that he'd nap. He'd been grousing at me for a while and I figured I'd get while the gettin' was good.

Twenty minutes later I could be spotted on my porch, sipping a cool and refreshing summer drinky-poo and reading my book. Kiddo was out cold in the stroller; I'd wheeled him into the shade in the driveway. A quiet moment all to myself and a book written nearly a hundred and fifty years ago! What could be better? It made me forget all my woes of being the Queen and having a demanding, unruly subject who isn't exactly toilet trained. Barbarian!

Nighttime will be falling soon. Hopefully Joaquin will have a good night. And hopefully, I won't be sleeping on any pacifiers.



Amanda said…
You're so cute.

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