Some Pics for the Fans

So, some of you check this site purely for the purpose of ogling my cutie-pie baby. I usually reserve this space for, ahem, blogging purposes, but thought I'd indulge the aunties this time around.

Aunties, you know who you are.


Amanda said…
Thank you, thank you auntie (yourself) What a sweet face, that I must say takes so much after his handsome daddy. Love the paint (always worth the mess) the crazy hair (we favor it over here) and seeing familiar shirts (the green w/ stripes was from clear back to Z. Oooo, more photos? Please? :)
Amanda said…
I can see the new floor too, nice.
Yeah, loving the new floor-- almost as nice to look at as the kiddo...almost.
Miki said…
He is the cutest little bug I have ever seen. I'm honored to be his auntie <3

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