A Few Things From Right Now

just a list...

My back is killing me from hauling around a teething baby and then trying to turn our big-ass mattress. Advil and a frosty mug of Anderson Valley's Summer Solstice Crema Cerveza (the official beer of summer at our house) is in my immediate future.

Maceo Parker's live disc "Roots and Funk" is probably the most killer amazing CD I've heard in a long long time. Scorching hot big band jazz and old-school jazzfunk makes our butts wiggle and Joaquin bop.

I'm so hot to pick up the Anthony Trollope book I have on hold at the library, I can hardly stand it.

I've had Madonna's "Crazy For You" playing in my head for days...as if the sore back wasn't enough punishment.

Summer television sucks the big behind. It's now time to scour the library for dvds.

Yesterday, sweet Joaquini got a gazillion slivers in his hand playing in some fine bark/dirt, and I didn't notice until it was too late. I'm waiting to get my Crap Mom of the Year Award in the mail. It took an attempted bath, forever of reading him books while tweezing his poor, tiny hands, and letting him play in a pan of soapy water on the kitchen floor... and still, his hands make me want to cry.

During this debacle, I called Joe and asked him to bring home some gin. He decide to try the new Tanqueray lime+botanicals Rangpur gin. Made great G&T's.

well, a short list cause my kiddo is fussing, but still... that's that, kitty cats!


Unknown said…
Sounds like you have a thing for the alcohol Miss Hazel. We gots to get ya some better coping techniques. (By the way - what IS better than alcohol?!?)
Yeah, so I'll see you at the Biercafe on Monday night, right, Miss Alisha...

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