Kissy Boy= It's a Nipple

So,I have the kissiest boy around. By kissy, I mean he likes to do this sort of 5th grade version of french kissing. It's very sloppy and there's a lot of drool involved. It started with Joaquin sucking on my lips when I would try to kiss him, then he moved up to try to suck on my nose. I'm sure, while I was thinking, "What a sweet kissy boy!" he was thinking:

Nose- "It's sticking out! It's a nipple!"
Mouth- "It's pink and round! It's a nipple! Mama's got a milk bar on her face!"

Now that he's teething, I have to be careful. He's gotten a little rough with the kissing stuff... he's into kissing and trying to bite. Yikes. He's worked backward from the 5th grade thing and now thinks I'm a great big teething ring, thank you very much. Sadly, he's not so interested in the actual teething rings we've bought him. Even the ones you can cool in the freezer. I guess it's because they don't make milk.


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