Girl Gone Child

For those of you who like a ribald laugh or two, check out Girl Gone Child. Warning: the site is for those 18 and older, and uses some pretty blue language--but in a funny way.

Elaine and Haley are best friends forever. Their BFF status was challenged, however, when Elaine went and ruined everything by getting married and having a baby. Haley is kind of like Sex and the City on laughing gas, Elaine is figuring it all out between drinks, and both are hilarious. Be not worried, this is a somewhat satirized account of the perils of being a new mom, the troubles of the dating scene, and the challenge of keeping a friendship alive through a time of transition. I think a lot of women can relate to the experience of babies changing friendships. Some of us are mothers and see our "fun" friends disappear while our new relationships with other mothers and families are formed. Others of us watch as our friends are seemingly sucked into the new, demanding life of parenting and become "no fun", unavailable to go out, enjoy dinner and a movie, or even meet for knitting at the local cafe. This speaks to both sides.

Smashingly funny, written with an ear for dialogue and breath of honesty, Girl Gone Child may very well make you laugh. Like a lot of Chick-Lit (only funnier), the urbane wit and situations aren't everyone's cup of tea, but my cup runneth over with humor. Check it out on my Site's to See.


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