Bethany Davies, Goodwill and Florida

So many things on my plate, I think I need one of those King Size Buffet Platters.

First off, for those of you who were wondering what that link "The Secret Diary of Bethany Davies" is about, this is my new "Mama-life" way of getting some writing done. You hear that old expression that we've all got a book in us somewhere...well, I've got three. But this is the one (it will eventually have a different title) that I've decided to work on now. The advantages of doing this in blog form are plural: there's no notebook to have to keep track of, so I can work on it anywhere; the blog format lets me take my character through one or two days at a time, which helps me flesh out the story a little bit more; finally, it's somewhat of a little experiment to see if anyone actually stumbles across it that I don't know. Feel free to leave Bethany a comment as she's on rough seas these days (it's going to get far more dramatic before it's over) and please keep in mind that this is just a rough draft. A very-rough-needs-sandpaper draft. But overall, I'm having fun. Too bad no one in the story is!

We are heading to Florida and this prompted a trip to the Goodwill, where I go for almost all my "new" clothes, barring those items we might consider "personal". For those of you unfamiliar with what we call 'thrifting', hitting the resale shop is like gambling-- sometimes you hit it big, sometimes, not so much. I got most of what I needed, and found some great toys for Joaquin. What's better than one xylophone? Two xylophones! If you have a kid, and are looking for toys, I have to say, Goodwill is a blessing. You do have to pick through a lot of junky stuff, but I scored a neat wooden car for two dollars and a few tried and true board books I remember from my nannying days.

The books will be great to have on the airplane. By the way, if anyone has any suggestions as to traveling with a busy almost-crawler, let me know. We have some ideas, but aside from having my boob out for most of the trip, the rest is anyone's guess. In any case, I'll be looking forward to some sun and not freezing everytime I go for a walk! Surrounded with a myriad of lists of things to's amazing that Joaquin's ephemera will take up at least as much luggage as Joe's and mine put together. The beauty of having a baby in the house. First it's the monitors and pumps and diapers, then it becomes all the toys and books that "have to" come on any given trip plus that special blanket, and finally, since he's a single child, we'll be bringing a friend of his along as he will think traveling with mom and dad is "boring". I can wait for that day to come.

Come to think of it, monitors and pumps don't take up that much room. Not at all.


Amanda said…
Will be checking out Bethany's Blog soon, great idea to put it there.

Boob is the best thing on the plane. Books, little advice, the more you take on the plane, the more frustrating it is to find what you need when you need it. Pack as small as you possibly can---really, I mean make the bag as empty as you can. This makes life easier. Wear a bead necklace that will entertain...major in the small toys (put them on a string so you can avoid trying to find it 88 times that they get dropped AND it's interesting to have all your toys tied together! And of course, tiny cheerio-style snacks go a long, long way if he's ready to roll them around in his mouth.

When do you leave?

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