Baby's Big Dip in the Gulf

Ah, here we are in sunny Sarasota, Florida. We've had quite a time. The highlights: visiting Joe's parents and his Uncle Mink (who lives on Marcos Island, quite a tony area--many residents have their boats moored in their backyard!); dinner at the Phillipi Creek Oyster House which served an astounding amount of food per plate and features an amazing selection of fried seafood (I had a kabob with lobster, shrimp and grouper) and the large plastic shark hanging out front!; and a heavenly lunch at The Columbia, a Cuban restaurant, which served delectable dishes and a marvelous sangria.

Two big points of our trip, which both feature Joaquin: today, we took him to Siesta Beach and he and I both dipped our toes in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time. He laughed and squealed and I held onto him, and swung him about a bit. We had a lot of fun. Joe was great and took pictures. Check out the chubby thighs on our little guy!

The other neat thing is that Baby J has finally started crawling, in a sort of caveman style: one leg straight, the other bent at the knee. He'll get to wherever he's going eventually, but it adds a whole new dimension to the baby-proofing (or lack thereof) at our house. Time to knuckle down!

We fly home tomorrow, and all I can say is, boy, will our arms be tired!


Amanda said…
What a beautiful little guy you have there, I can't believe how he's changed...and those thighs, they speak for themselves.

So glad to see great pics, you all look great. Miss you, hope the trip was a blast.
Margee said…
You are a jewel. I loved your blog, your friend's story is fabulous. I love the new you, and the fact that you are asking God to fill in the "new blanks." Let him make his picure of you!
Love you,
Aunt Margee
Margee said…
Well, Hazel, I guess you can tell I'm new at this blog stuff, I don't know where my answer to your blog went, but you can read what I said to AJ.
Joaquin did a very good job at finding the right two people for his life. You are perfect together. We hope to come to Portland and see all of you, but we're weak in scheduling...don't give up!
Aunt Margee

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