The Longest Day and A-Rod

The longest day of my year. I am the happy but exhausted mother of a baby who decided, today, that naps are for other babies. To be honest, he's slept for an hour and twenty minutes today (10 minutes this morning, 30 minutes at 2 and 40 minutes just a bit ago, and it's now 6:45 and he's awake again.) but that's about half of what he gets, at the very least. And he's been unsettled, so I've stayed home from my evening water aerobics class. Earlier today, after he didn't go to sleep after an hour-long walk, I threatened to go home and have a beer. I settled for some soy nog and cheese and crackers, so I guess I get a gold star in the "Good Mama" chart for the day. But I'm gonna have a beer now, because hey, it's after 7 and I've got a feeling we're in for a long night.

Speaking of gold stars, I just wanted to give a shout-out to Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. (Who will never ever read this, but still...) Last week, when the nasty list of names of doping players was being read on the news, I actually held my breath, hoping your name wasn't uttered. And it wasn't. I'm not a big sports fan, but have always rooted for the Yankees. It might sound silly, but when I was twelve I learned Mickey Mantle and I shared the same birthday. Thus, my October 20th connection with the switch-hitter sealed the deal. Joe (my fella)being a Yankees fan, being from New York, also encouraged my passing interest. But here's the thing: I know that Joaquin, even though he's only 8 months old now, will grow up watching Yankees games on tv with his father. I want my son to have good examples and positive role models to look up to, and Alex, I think that if he ends up interested in you and your career, a fan, well, I think that's just fine. I'm glad you've chosen to pursue athletic success au naturel, without hormones or forearms that look like tree trunks. Thanks for keeping the old school honor and traditions of baseball alive, for keeping it a fair game, and for giving kids a winner they can look up to. A lot of kids were disappointed and ashamed last week when they discovered their heroes were frauds. You're the real thing, Rodriguez, and I just want to say Thanks.

And now, I'm back up to the baby, who I love to pieces. And who will be grounded for life if he ever takes steroids. Goodness. What a world.


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